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Subject: MARVELOUS MARC, AGAIN [08/05--2005]
"OUTSIDE THE CAMP" [08/05--2005]

Marc Carpenter, the buddy of Presbyterian John Robbins -- until Robbins "fell from gravy" due to "speaking peace to Arminians" -- is up in arms again over C. H. Spurgeon.

This is not the first time that Marvelous Marc has chowed down on Spurgeon, for Robbins featured some materials by the out-camper in his June 1997 "Trinity Review," and although John is no longer in good graces at "Outside the Camp," he nevertheless still carries Carpenter's palabber on the Trinity website.

If you want to read the offense which caused Robbins to be cast out of his tent at "Outside the Camp," it is here: ><

Here is a portion of Munificent Marc's Manifesto about the apostasy of John Robbins. Before reading it, please have a hanky handy to wipe the tears. You can send your sympathy emails to Robbins at his Trinity Foundation website:
It is obvious to you now why we cannot endorse The Trinity Foundation. Its founder, John Robbins, says that it is possible for one who believes the false gospel of Arminianism to be regenerate, and the man who for whom this Foundation was created, Gordon Clark, said that all true Arminians must be saved.This is a sad time for us. I thought The Trinity Foundation was one of the ministries that was standing firm for the true gospel. I was wrong. I repent of endorsing The Trinity Foundation, The Trinity Review, and the writings of Gordon Clark and John Robbins. This should show us all how incredibly deceptive and subtle Satan is.

Many of you no doubt will recall my emails about Carpenter a few weeks ago. He is the fellow who said --

You're not arguing with me; you're arguing with God.

This same Ayatollah of the Campers who are residents of the "Outside the Camp" coven, graced my email box today with more of his holy pronouncements against C. H. Spurgeon. As an illustration of the Supreme Mufti's Jihad against Spurgeon, consider a few of his Fatwa declarations:

   This is the epitome of Spurgeon's stupidity. 

Yes, you agree with John Wesley, your brother in Satan.  You're one big happy family with the God-haters.

Charles Spurgeon, you fool!  And you claim to be a preacher of the Word?  You are a joke. 

Since when do you have "due regard to truth," Mr. Spurgeon, you liar?

If someone wrangles against your brothers in Satan, the Arminians,

Your god is made in your own image.  You fashion an idol that is like you.

Of course you're not able to answer it, you fool.

Oh, yeah, Mr. Spurgeon -- don't think about things that show your god to be a contradictory god. 

I do not doubt, Mr. Spurgeon, that you are a most unreasonable being when you are most reasonable. 

But don't expect the people of God to be like you. 

You have just turned the truth on its head. 

You self-righteous arrogant hypocrite -- it is YOU who are full of pride!

Oh, how humble this sounds to the deluded minds of your unregenerate audience!  But it is the height of pride.  It is proud and arrogant to say that God is unable to convey His truth to His people in His Word without contradiction.  You self-righteous arrogant hypocrite -- it is YOU who are full of pride!

If you are inclined to be in awe of this extraordinary display by the High Potentate, I don't think there is really anything about which to be astonished. Our Baptist Confession evidently has his case covered: "so also are all elect persons, who are incapable of being outwardly called by the ministry of the Word."

This is what has become known as "the idiot's clause." -- Bob L. Ross

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