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Subject: RETURN TO THE "REFORMATION"? [07/01--2005]

At the Founders Breakfast, reportedly 300 attendees during the week of the recent Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Dr. R. C. Sproul, a Pedobaptist (baby baptizer), exhorted the audience to hark back to the preaching and theology of the Reformation.

According to the Baptist Press {June 29, 2005] among other things, Sproul reportedly exhorted:

Referencing Luther's sermon, Sproul reminded listeners that those who preached a false gospel that necessitated the Protestant Reformation did so because they were seeking power. It is not so different today with the popularity of watered-down gospels, Sproul said, and Christians must follow Luther's example and settle for nothing less than the uncompromised Gospel which is the power of God unto salvation.

"You can't improve upon the Gospel," Sproul said. "You want a reformation, preach it. Don't hide it. Make it clear and let God work."

While Baptists appreciate the significant role that Martin Luther fulfilled in the 1500s in regard to Roman Catholicism and the role of other leaders of the Protestant Reformation, would it really be the part of wisdom to somehow "go back" to what Luther and those other reformers believed and practiced?

Luther and the others baptized babies, and considered babies to be regenerated (born again) in their infancy. Is this the "Gospel"?

The Presbyterian reformers held that the infants of believing parents receive the inheritance of the "covenant," which supposedly carries with the infant regeneration of the children of believing parents, and the supposed regenerated infants are added to the church. Is the "Gospel"? Is it any wonder that we have seen so much apostasy among the Presbyterians across the years, with so many of the members thinking the were born again as infants?

Why should the Founders Ministries organization be listening to and promoting a return to something which our Baptist forefathers found scriptural cause to repudiate in England and America in the years succeeding the Protestant Reformation?

As long as the Founders play footsies with the Pedobaptists, we will not regard their pretentions to represent the Baptist "Founders" of the past as a true representation.

-- Bob L. Ross

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