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I have been friends with Lutheran Minister Keith Schweitzer for several years. He is a credit to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod denomination in which he pastors. I don't know a Lutheran preacher for whom I have a higher regard and respect than Brother Schweitzer.

In 1994, when he pastored near Wichita Falls, Texas, Pastor Schweitzer called on me to represent the cause of Pro-Instrumental Music in Worship in a public debate at the Church of Christ in nearby Burkburnett, Texas. The debate occurred because the Campbelites had issued a challenge for the debate, and had been publishing newspaper articles assailing music, Brother Schweitzer, and his church. I was happy to accept the invitation to represent the Pro-Music position in the debate with Michael Hatcher.

We thought we had a rather successful debate, especially since the elders of the Church of Christ dismissed their preacher due to the debate. Furthermore, they apologized to Pastor Schweitzer for publicly attacking him in the weekly newspaper. Since that time, Pastor Schweitzer has made it a point to thoroughly research Campbellism, and I would say he now probably knows more about Campbellism than they know about themselves, or that many Baptists know about them.

Here is what Brother Schweitzer emailed to me, confirming my recent representation in regard to Pedobaptist doctrine on infant regeneration:


Hi Bob!             Let me put in my two cents worth and tell you that as your pedobaptist “conservative” Lutheran friend, you’re 100% right! I wholeheartedly affirm baptismal regeneration.  I believe that baptism is for the remission of all of our sins rather than just for our “past” sins as our Campbellite friends assert.  Leaving the person to fend for himself regarding his present and future sins.             True, not all of we who baptize infants and children believe the same regarding baptism.  Even sadder to say that much of Lutheranism in the world today is swimming in its own theological soup and doesn’t have a clue what it believes.            But you have me pegged right on the money.  And no hard feelings as a result of it.             Keep up the good work.             Your pedobaptist friend,                        Keith Schweitzer


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