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Our longtime friend, Bible scholar, and missionary to Europe, Doug Kutilek has more than once urged me to put my recent writings into book form. Are there any others that feel the same way?

Here is Doug's latest email, and he relates his own experience in reading the writings on Spurgeon by Mr. Iain Murray of the The Banner of Truth. As you can see, I am not the only one who has discerned the peculiar "spin" Mr. Murray puts on Spurgeon.

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By all means, compile all these quotes re: Spurgeon and Moody into a
booklet, or as a chapter in a book.  It needs wide distribution, in
permanent form.

I read Murray's "The Forgotten Spurgeon" years ago -- having previously
read at least 7 or 8 Spurgeon biographies: the Banner of Truth 2 vol. abridged
Fuller, Day, Bacon, Carlisle, Williams, Sheen among them, as well as lots
of Spurgeon's own writings, -- and my first reaction to much of Murray was
"this doesn't seem to square in all details with the Spurgeon I know."  I
later read Hayden's "The Unforgettable Spurgeon" which was, by design, a
corrective -- based on Spurgeon's own words -- of some of Murray's

Just as with Fuller re: Spurgeon and the KJV, so with Murray re: Spurgeon
and evangelism -- some people can't stand to let Spurgeon speak for
himself, but delight in twisting his words and "spinning" his views to
conform to their own.



When Mr. Murray's book on Spurgeon was published in the late 1960s, we published a brief, critical "book review" of it at the time, but I confess I underestimated to what extent the unfortunate misinformation in this small book would ultimately spread. With the coming of the Internet, however, I have observed more than ever before the pernicious influence it has had upon some Baptists, particularly in (1) the creation of prejudice against even sane, conservative, doctrinally-sound public invitations, (2)  the dissemination of misinformation about Spurgeon's own doctrinal views and practices, (3) misconceptions about Spurgeon and the "Down Grade" controversy, and (4) the discreditation of D. L. Moody.

Evidently, some who read Mr. Murray have not considered the fact that he writes from the Pedobaptist context which involves their theories on (1) the supposed "covenant" whereby the children of believing parents are presumed to be "regenerated" in infancy, and (2) those of adult age are presumed to be "regenerated" by the Holy Spirit without the necessary use of means, contrary to what is taught in our Confessional standards on "effectual calling." Murray promotes the idea that regeneration is a "hyper physical," "direct operation" apart from the necessary use of means, as expounded in Louis Berkhof's Systematic Theology published by Murray's organization. This is basically the same view as advocated by the "Hardshells," or Primitive Baptists, and the doctrine which led Lassere Bradley, Jr and several of his young preacher-friends into the Hardshells in the late 1950s.

After he joined the Hardshells, Bradley converted his radio broadcast into a vehicle to promote Hardshellism nationwide, although in recent times there are some complaints from Hardshells that he is going back somewhat toward the views he held in his earlier years. One Hardshell website says, "Lasserre Bradley once left the Missionary Baptists, and now seems determined to try to convert the Primitive Baptists to their doctrines and practices from within." <>

At any rate, Murray's anti-public invitation propaganda, for the most part, is being picked up and repeated by various ones, some who say they are "Reformed Baptists" and others who are associates in the "Founders Ministries," formerly led by the late Ernest Reisinger who recently went to be with the Lord. 

I will give further thought to the idea of publishing my recent writings in book form, and would appreciate any feedback from my readers about this. -- Bob L. Ross

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