Sent: Sunday, April 04, 2004 8:52 PM

On his website, James White has mounted another "Blog" comment about my materials in regard to his "pre-faith regeneration" theory -- and that, despite the fact he had said only a few days ago, "
As for me, this is the last I will have to say about it.   There are more important issues to address."

In his latest "Blog" (as he calls it), among other remarks he has the following:

"I have outlined the issue simply because most folks have no idea what on earth Ross is seeking to argue about. Personally, given the battles we face today on all fronts, arguing with Mr. Ross regarding minute temporal points of the ordo salutis is of no importance to me. I thank those who have forwarded Mr. Rossí complaints, but I would like to note I do not need anyone to invest their time in forwarding any more of his materials. I have confirmed my belief in the relevant portions of the London Baptist Confession of 1689, and if Mr. Ross disagrees, he is free to do so. I will allow the fair-minded person to consider my work and judge it on its merits."

I have always regarded James as being somewhat substandard when it comes to the principles involved in polemics, and this statement is another example of his shortcomings. For instance, his claim to know what "most folks" think about what I have written is typical of his lack of polemical competence. In Logic, this is known as a fallacy, that of making a "universal statement," implying that he has a comprehensive knowledge of the minds of "most folks" on this matter.

It is also a case of the fallacy of "ignoratio elenchi," for it is an appeal to an irrelevant matter. What "most folks" know or don't know has nothing to do with the issue of James' theory on "pre-faith regeneration."

And more than that, it is evasion.

Furthermore, it is a gratuitous insult to the intelligence those of you who DO know what I have been writing about, and are aware of White's unorthodox, unCalvinistic, unSpurgeon view on pre-faith regeneration. I happen to know that many of those on my email list know exactly what I am writing about, and they are aware that White's view is not the confessional view expressed in the Calvinist confessions. I had an email just in the past few hours from a Baptist preacher who said of White's view:

"This is one that I gave up a year ago. We left the hyper-Calvinist church we were going to up in Georgia and are relieved.

James also claims that arguing about "minute temporal points of the ordo salutis is of no importance" to him.

And yet, throughout the debate between James and Dave Hunt there is a large amount of material devoted to this issue. Hunt literally blistered James with quotations from C. H. Spurgeon on this issue, and James had "nothing to say" which could lessen the sting of the blows. Whereas we are in general agreement with James on the other major points of Calvinism discussed in the debate, his failure to emphasize and delineate the confessional view of Calvinism on effectual calling or regeneration makes Dave Hunt look like a veritable Aristotle.

We believe James is wise, however, to draw back from any confrontational format wherein his views would be brought under further scrutiny. The less said by him on the subject is probably for the better.

Furthermore, I have been sending these articles to James via his website's email address, but now he has directed that the address be "removed" from receiving any further mailings. He evidently does not want to read any further critiques from anyone who evaluates his view as being unorthodox. -- Bob L. Ross

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