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You're not arguing with me; you're arguing with God.
How many people in the world believe like me when it comes to the gospel?
Every single true Christian in the world.  Every single true Christian in
the world believes the same gospel.

This is what happens to the mind of a man who becomes so persuaded of the accuracy of his own theoretical understanding of theological topics that he actually believes that what he says is, for all practical purposes, synonymous to the very inspired Word of God.
Thus, the "logical" conclusion is that the only Christians in the world are those who believe the same theoreticalisms as he believes. They define what theoretical views must be MUST be believed, and likewise how are "wrong" one can be on other matters without exposing themselves to be "unregenerate." They select what elements of theoretical and practical matters are "essential" and what is "nonessential."

This has always been the ditch into which the founders of cults and aberrant sects fall. Their extra-scriptural expositions of Scripture on faith and practice are regarded by the founders and their disciples as being as infallibly true as the inspired writings themselves. So it was with the Pharisees and scribes of Jesus' day. Jesus said, "Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered; and many such like things do ye" (Mark 7:13).

Any man -- such as Marc Carpenter -- who evaluates the validity of the New Birth by any extra-scriptural theoretical standard is doing exactly what the Pharisees did. To weigh a profession of faith in Christ by that person's comprehension and acceptance of certain theoreticalisms which purport to be the "truth" of the Word of God demonstrates how little comprehension and understanding Carpenter has of the New Birth.

That fact that Carpenter endorses the Hardshell Baptist theory that the New Birth precedes the creation of faith in the sinner by the power of the Holy Spirit in using the Word of God is within itself a demonstration of Carpenter's lack of understanding of the New Birth.

His idea that the validity of one's profession of faith in Christ is measured by that person's comprehension and acceptance of "efficacious atonement" and "imputed righteousness" is just as foreign to the Scriptures as is the heresy that one is born again before the Holy Spirit has produced faith in the sinner. Carpenter would as soon find a born again unbeliever in Scripture as he will find any one's profession of salvation being tested and evaluated on the basis of understanding and believing the theoreticalisms advocated by Carpenter. -- Bob L. Ross

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